...everything comes from us and to us everything will return...

The Ammonium Order

and the Initiating Spirit

It would only reveal his path to those that were dignified, and that incarnated in THE BEST WAY, THE INITIATING SPIRIT. The true one, without any particular colorings. The Ammonium Order, AO, has decided to retreat itself in the interior planes to better serve the world, and the people that are searching for the TRUTH. The AO, has left on the planet the last living descendent that resembles the figure or MRA, to be able to propagate as

much as possible this knowledge that is completely unknown. We have proof of this, and we will be able to see it, if we do research on the practices that have been given. The transmission and practice of the Great Alchemy, and of Transmutatory magic, together with other particular teachings of the order, indicate the given possibility that man has to do that particular JUMP that the period imposes. The fact that the order has retired in the interior planes shows the effort that's being put out from the Master of the order, together with, his profusion in the benevolent and freeing transformation that happens from WITHIN.

The fact that only one person has been chosen for this assignment, that virtually incarnates the CURRENT of the order itself, must bee seen as THE NECESSITY OF NOT POLLUTING THE TEACHINGS. This usually can happen when there are different successors and representing people. And other orders can represent this. They have been exposed to schisms and divisions, just because of the deformed points of view of the various representing people that are alive. So the AO, within its millenary wisdom, has decided to only leave ONE PERSON, that has been educated from a very young age, that could incarnate the “teachings” with no distortions, in comprehensions and with the lack of discussions.

This is a big weight that he has chosen to take upon himself, alone, devoting his life to the diffusion of the known teachings. They have very rapid effects. This, is in line with what the order wants, and what`s in needed in these actual days, fast and EFFICIENT techniques. Meditation is a very good technique but it`s very slow, and it`s not always adequate to the westerners mind. So the order puts out practices and knowledge, that uses cells, and the life they have. There, is where knowledge of your own existence is deposited, that`s if well purified and elevated. It will take you to the NATURAL STATE of being that isn't in need of anything else but of RECOGNIZING the self for what it is. The techniques of the order are various, and fitted for INDIVIDUALISTIC INITIATION. This is the only initiation that`s always been advocated in the millennia. Only the completely developed person is the one that will be able to crown his powers and rule over himself. In fact, the orders rules, for choosing the dignified person, was that one of secretly coopting him, and never manifesting on the outside



Riccardo Mario Villanova Sammarco

...we are the ark and the first immobile motor...

... we are the bearers of the science that came from the Skies...

... we have generated the millenary initiatory knowledge from every

Order and from every Grade, in every place and in every time...